Guidelines for Contributors


We're looking to collab for our fall zine. The type of submissions we are looking for include interviews, short stories (fiction and non-fiction), non-academic essays, profiles, poetry, photograph and illustration. There is no theme specific to our issue so don't feel limited by a topic.

We choose to only publish original material that has not appeared on the web or print. Multiple submissions are allowed, but please let us know if your piece has been accepted elsewhere. Every submission received will be read, but we’re still a small team so your patience is valued. You can help us by observing the following guidelines when submitting written work:

Attach your submission as a Word doc. When naming your file, use the title of your piece and your name. Include your contact information, mailing address, bio and genre of the piece. 

This will vary based on the piece. Please do not exceed 1000 words. Pieces 25 words or under will also be considered.

Please review your piece before sending. If your piece is accepted, we will work closely to revise and edit your piece to its final version. 

Please include a brief bio of yourself including a link to your website/blog, facebook, ig and/or twitter account.

Until further notice, contributions remain unpaid. 

Please feel free to include visuals to accompany your article.

After the issue is released, you may post your piece to your own site, as long as its attributed to 18th & Wood. If you wish to re-publish your work in other publications, please notify us prior to the content being reproduced.